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Call for Case Studies

I am looking for case studies in knowledge retention and transfer (KRT) from all sectors and industries. I will interview selected respondents for the purpose of eliciting and writing up case study material for the KRTH. I am particularly interested in novel KRT approaches, success stories, failures, and lessons to learn. Written case study chapters are not requested. 

Topics & Themes (not exhaustive)

  • KRT strategies

  • Catalysts (e.g. demographic change, organizational change, M&A, market factors) for introducing a KRT strategy or intervention

  • Intellectual capital (explicit, implicit & tacit knowledge, patents, ideas)

  • Human factors and organizational cultures - impact on levering tacit knowledge

  • Tools, processes, methods for active KRT

  • Last-minute KRT

  • Moving from last-minute KRT to proactive KRT

  • Measuring the impact of KRT strategies or interventions

Particularly Wanted

  • Cases not previously published

  • Cases from emerging markets or the non-English speaking world

Out of Scope

  • Knowledge Management (KM) general good practices (widely published by other authors)

  • Communities of practice (as the main approach to KRT)

  • Software or IT systems (as the main solution)

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