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About the Handbook

The Knowledge Retention & Transfer Handbook (KRTH for short) will be a practical manual of tools and methods for identifying, eliciting, transferring and socializing business critical knowledge. It will be accompanied by real-life case studies (see Call for Case Studies).

Having been a knowledge management (KM) practitioner involved in many KRT missions over the past 10+ years, I have seen plenty of 'best practice' organizations through KM conferences, articles, etc. I have seen various KRT tools, techniques and processes, and I have met many excellent KM practitioners and KRT consultants with interesting and insightful stories to tell. I have also read many of the popular business textbooks on KRT.

Despite there being a plethora of reference sources and exemplars for KM/KRT practitioners like me, I realised that there isn't a concise, non-academic, hands-on 'How To...' guide covering essential strategies, tools or methods for 'doing' KRT successfully.

This is where the KRTH comes in. The KRTH will be the essential practical guide for those entrusted with avoiding organizational knowledge loss (knowledge managers, HR managers, strategic planners, functional managers). It will also offer useful guidance for subject-matter experts themselves in ensuring their experience is passed on to the next generation of experts. And for senior leaders, the KRTH will provide the business case they need to give strategic KRT vital attention and resources.

About Me

My journey started in the late 1980s in information management and competitive intelligence. For the past c.20 years my main focus has been corporate KM, with a growing interest in strategic KRT and its applications. During the working day I lead on global KM priorities for a major food manufacturer, whilst in the evenings and at weekends I turn my attention to research into critical tacit knowledge retention before and during post-merger integration (and, of course, the KRTH). Click on the media buttons below for more details.

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