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Introducing the KRTH

In a volatile, uncertain and hyperconnected digital world, vital organizational knowledge is at risk of loss (through M&As, retirements, redundancies, career progression, etc.). Once business critical knowledge is lost, it may be expensive, impractical or impossible to regain.

The Knowledge Retention & Transfer Handbook (KRTH) focuses on reducing that risk through eliciting, protecting, transferring and socializing business critical tacit knowledge. The KRTH is a practical guide, with case studies drawn from a variety of industries and markets. These case studies present methods to identify at-risk knowledge, tools to elicit and capture knowledge, and processes to socialize and protect knowledge.


The KRTH balances a strategic proactive outlook to reduce future risk with a summary of reactive interventions.

Publication is aimed for late 2024.


Provisional Title: 'Knowledge Retention & Transfer Handbook - Strategies, tools & techniques for protecting organizational knowledge'

Author: Jonathan Gordon-Till

Publisher: To be determined

Publication Date: c.2024

Other details to be determined

All details subject to confirmation

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